16th Annuell
Cut to the Chase 

July 29- August 14, 2015


Company Policy by Chris Pomeroy
Directed by Rachel Slavick
Cast: Marla Seidell and Ian Voltaire Deanes

The Pandaroo by Michael Higgins
Directed by Devon Carson
Cast: Jillian Weingart and Reid Coker

You Being a Ghost by Ted James
Directed by Ted James
Cast: David Goodloe, Laura Coleman and Jessica Lee McCluskey

Amore divino e profano by jae et gail
Directed by Jae K. Renfrow
Cast: Victoria Hines, Delaney Spangler and Andrew Pierce

What About Sex by Scott Woldman
Directed by John Fecile
Cast: Elizabeth Pineda and Sean Harklerode

Mickey Cares by Mia McCullough
Directed by Ashley Roberson
Cast: Alison Huffines and John Wherein