Written By Scott Woldman  
Directed by Katherine Swan
World Premiere

What would it take to make you embrace your inner Ralph Macchio? Use your fists in anger? Smoke pot from a potato? Beaten, a world-premiere play from Chicago Dramatist resident playwright Scott Woldman, picks up a year after daughter Chloe suffers serious injury at the hands of her true love Jason. Housebound and haunted, Chloe is cared for by her cancer-stricken, pot-smoking grandmother and her desperately tightly-wound mother, whose own complicated relationship pushes and pulls at the recovering girl. Add to the mix nerd-next-door Greg, who yearns to be Chloe’s knight in shining armor, and you have the intimate story of five people who refuse to give in to the idea that love may not beat all.

Featuring: Kathy Scambiatterra, Kristin Collins, Kathryn Acosta, Conor McCahill and Joe Wiens

Performance Schedule

Performances: July 5- August 11, 2013
Thursday: 7:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m.

The Artistic Home is on street level with curb to seat assistance upon request. There are seats that don’t require climbing stairs and an accessible restroom. We will also call you a taxi for the trip home and have large print programs, also upon request. For requests please email:

Location: 1376 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

“An American masterpiece debut. Superb. A must see.”
— Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh
“The cast acts the bloody stuffings out of it. Riveting.”
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times