Meisner Technique 1

Breakdown, Breakthrough

 Break down your behavior barriers and expose a reservoir of intense and powerful emotional life. Your breakthrough to brilliant acting begins here, "living truthfully" and working moment to moment.

Instructors: Kathy Scambiatterra, Patrick Thornton, Kristin Collins  

Prerequisite: Admission by Application & Interview

Upcoming classes:

Fall Session: September 4- October 30, 2019
No class on September 11
Days & Time: Wednesday, 8-10 PM & Saturday, 3-5 PM
This class meets two times a week for two hour increments.
Price: $375

Our Meisner-based series is designed to be taken in order from Tech 1 - Tech 4. Tech 1 requires a quick application followed by a phone interview prior to registration. After each class session students receive a private evaluation with the instructors. To receive the full benefits and artistic growth of these classes we request that all students take the series in order. After you have completed all 4 classes you are welcome to return to any class when you feel you need a brush-up.

“Before I enrolled at The Artistic Home, I was searching to find the kind of actor in myself that I admired on so many of Chicago’s great stages. I was determined to learn ‘how to act.’ As I look back on that time and the thrilling discoveries I made about myself and my work, I realize Kathy didn’t teach me how to act. She taught me how to live. I draw from and deepen those discoveries daily as I now try to share them with my own acting students. Live simply. Live boldly. Live beautifully.”
— Jason Bayle, Actor, Faculty LSU