Written By Dennis McIntyre
Directed By Kathy Scambiatterra


Set in the Left Bank of Paris, 1916, Modigliani chronicles a critical 72 hour period for an artistic genius on the verge of fame. A rival of Picasso, painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani turned Montparnasse upside down with his legendary excesses and talent, while spawning a circle of friends and lovers that worshipped him like a rock star. The Parisian posterchild for the free-wheeling lifestyle of 1900s Bohemia, Modi - as he was known to his friends - filled his days with drugs, liquor, sex, art and the company of his many colorful compatriots. Yet, as he began to feel the weight of his age and the increasing pressure to produce, Modi soon came face-to-face with the limits of his own mortality and the realities of living in a world where product holds more value than process and love can't hold a candle to the prospect of fame.

Featuring: Kaiser Ahmed, Eustace Allen, Luis Crespo, Victor Doylida, John Mossman, Maria Stephens, Matt Welton

Lighting Design: Joshua Paul Weckesser
Sound Design: Aaron Krister Johnson
Scenic Design: Chelsea Meyers
Costume Design: Irene Servose
Stage Manager: Jessica Hamilton

Performance Schedule

Performances: February- April, 2009
Thursday: 7:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m.

“...Mossman leads the charge with charisma to burn, but he’s matched by Maria Stephens, who plays Modigliani’s lover and the model for his most famous nudes. Modigliani’s equal in terms of both passion and brains, Stephens’ Beatrice is all graceful ferocity in the demanding role, a woman whose strong mind is balanced by white-hot sensuality.”
— Catey Sullivan, Examiner
“...This play is a heated, sensual and erotic look at the self-destructive world of demented creative types. Matt Welton, Luis Crespo and Maria Stephens effectively echoed Mossman’s intensity. This is a remarkable strong play worth seeing.”
— Tom Williams, Chicago Critic