Natural Affection

Written By William Inge
Directed By John Mossman


Featuring: Doug Alan, Mike Carroll, Mark Dillon, Pete Fitzsimmons, Nadav Kurtz, Sara Oliva, Maria Stephans, Lorelei Sturm, and Kathy Scambiatterra.

Stage Manager: James Murray
Producer: Nina O'Neil
Assistant Directer: Lorna Johnson
Set Design: Kurt Boetcher
Costume Design: Betsy Elizabeth Ann McKnight
Original Music/Sound Design: Aaron Krister Johnson
Lighting Design: Molly Neylan
Properties Design: Tera Dunlap
Scenic Art Design: Kurt Boetcher & Tera Dunlap

Performance Schedule

Performances: March- June 2005
Thursday: 7:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m.

“Who knew that William Inge, the writer best known for chronicling sexual repression in dusty prairie towns (“Picnic”, “Bus Stop”) had the kind of dark and bizarre sensibility that we most commonly associate with David Lynch? Inge’s later-career play about an unwed mother, her new boyfriend, and her fresh-from-reform-school son who moves in with them sank without much of a trace after its 1963 premiere. But in the hands of director John Mossman and a splendid ensemble at the tiny Artistic Home, it’s damn near revelatory.”
— Chicago Tribune
“John Mossman’s staging for the Artistic Home is as uncompromising as the script. Kathy Scambiatterra gives a devastating performance as the mother...”
— Chicago Reader