The Late Henry Moss

Written By Sam Shepard
Directed by Kaiser Ahmed

Jeff Nominated For Best Supporting Actor


Drawn together by their father's death, the brothers battle to discover the truth of their own lives as they sit watch over their father's body and wade through memories upon which cannot or will not be agreed. Henry Moss, a booze-riddled broken man, lived his life violently and spent his final days living a bleak half-life in a desert hovel cared for by a fawning neighbor and a magical shaman temptress. The Late Henry Moss is the culmination for Shephard of a career often focused on the complex, violent father-son dynamic. Even in death, Henry dominates the room and the relationship between Ray and Earl, who fight to the bitter end to exorcise themselves from his toxic death grip.

Featuring: Yadira Correa, Julian Hester, Arvin Jalandoon, Tim Musachio, Frank Nall, Jae Renfrow and David Vogel. 

Stage Manager: Roxie Kooi
Scenic Design: Jacob Bray
Lighting Design: Scott Pilsbury
Sound Design: Thomas Dixon
Costume Design: Delia Ridenour
Properties Design: Gerri Fabri and Mary McClenahan
Graphic Design: Jen Dorman
Technical Director: Dylan Jost

Performance Schedule

Performances: June 22- August 3, 2014
Thursday: 7:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m.

The Artistic Home is on street level with curb to seat assistance upon request. There are seats that don’t require climbing stairs and an accessible restroom. We will also call you a taxi for the trip home and have large print programs, also upon request. For requests please email:

Location: 1376 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

“...The whole cast wows, especially Frank Nall as the hulking Henry Moss and Julian Hester, whose meticulous choices bring fleshy life to a small-town boy from Texas.”
— Chloe Really, Chicago Reader
“...Hester, in particular, wrings every last comic possibility out of his hired-hack driver, who is never so terrified of the menacing Ray that he can’t also keep an eye pinned on the bottle of rotgut he craves. But I found myself most mesmerized by Vogel’s Earl, whose bleary confusion and pain offer ironic counterpoint to lines such as “Well, you know me, Ray - I’ve never been one to live in the past.””
— Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
“Kaiser Zaki Ahmed’s direction of an ensemble exhibiting the intense subtextual focus that is this company’s hallmark. Look for Arvin Jalandoon and Yadira Correa’s rough-hewn angels to linger in your contemplations long after the brothers Moss have set forth…”
— Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times