The Tallest Man

Written by Jim Lynch 
Directed by John Mossman

Developed over the past two years by playwright and Artistic Home associate Jim Lynch, along with the Artistic Home Ensemble, The Tallest Man is a wildly hilarious celebration of perseverance, prejudice and superstition in turn of the century Ireland. Culled from a childhood nourished by tales of Irish fantasy, The Tallest Man's account of hardscrabble survivors in County Mayo begins as a ghost story but draws its power from the very real problems of the living. Drawing from an Irish folk tale, the play tells the story of a high-spirited young tinker struggling to stay one step ahead of the English landlords, corrupt clergy and vengeful locals.

Featuring: Marta Evans, Nick Horst, Frank Nall, Miranda Zola, Shane Kenyon, Eamonn McDonagh, Darrelyn Marx, Malcolm Callan, Brandon Thompson and Bill Boehler.

Produced: Jimmy Ronan and Samantha Church  
Assistant Directed: Kristin Collins  
Stage Manager: Rose Kruger  
Lighting Design: Josh Weckesser 
Scenic Design: Mike Mroch  
Costume Design: Ellen Seidel  
Sound/Original Music Design: Aaron Krister Johnson

Performance Schedule

Performances: June- August 2010
Thursday: 7:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m.

“The Tallest Man is a marvel of ensemble acting featuring authentic Irish brogues, smart comedic timing and expert character development by the cast.”
— Tom Williams, Chicago Critic
“Shane Kenyon plays Finbar with a devilish and sexy glint that is most appealing. He and Katie make out in the dark outside the bar and make plans for the future. Katie wants out and Finbar want to settle old scores. They have a wonderful chemistry without the airbrushing or any false notes.”
— Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat