Master Class

The Dive

Dive into intensive work with one playwright in a competitive arena where technique and performance are stressed. Explore great text with a fiery ensemble. This session’s playwright is Theresa Rebeck.

Instructor:  Kathy Scambiatterra

Prerequisite: By Invitation Only

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Our Meisner-based series is designed to be taken in order from Tech 1 - Tech 4. Tech 1 requires a quick application followed by a phone interview prior to registration. After each class session students receive a private evaluation with the instructors. To receive the full benefits and artistic growth of these classes we request that all students take the series in order. After you have completed all 4 classes you are welcome to return to any class when you feel you need a brush-up.

I’ve seen show after show at the AH and always marveled at how well acted the productions are. I’ve also had AH actors in my classrooms and films and they not only know and execute the craft splendidly they can talk about it with elan and passion. I unreservedly recommend the Artistic Home for anything to do with the craft of acting, they are true professionals.”
— Vaun Monroe, Director, Producer